Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Every day all day its Naluchki mama! naluchki mama! MAMA! NALUCHKI! I adore holding her but sometimes my hands and or lap are busy elsewhere! She has taken to crawling into my lap when I am on the floor and rubbing her face on me. She LOOOOOVEs to sit and rock in my lap when she wakes up from naptime. Of course I cant have her rock facing me because of her legs. We dont have a lot of face to face physical contacts because of her legs. She cant get enough of having dad swing her around. I have been getting her to open her hands big and wide as far as she can to get a little ROM going there. She does use her hands to do a lot but only in the all jumbled position. She is coming along.

Ben doesnt like to share. Just plain doesnt like it. and often wont do it. Time out is my friend and usually persuades him to share. He also likes to count. one two FIVE!! and when I say to one of the other kids being naughty ONE! TWO! he responds with FIVE SIX!! we have to count cheerios so he will eat them. Papa gave him some tough love last night at dinner. he shoved his milk glass across the table so daddy wouldnt give it back. then he wouldnt use his fork and was just using his fingers. Daddy said no and he didnt listen. so he got down for a couple minutes. WAILING the entire time. histerically. but he did act nicely afterwards and papa told him he loved him and he didnt seem to hold a grudge against daddy. he loves to be outside and thankfully the weather is cooperating with that for awhile. But Ethan is going to go to school soon so the long entire days outside are going to slow down since I cant be everywhere!