Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Got the referrals at our appointment this afternoon. The woman there was pleasant enough. She did ask us why we wanted children with special needs. Apparently our answers were enough because she did show us the referrals as well as one other child with some heart problems and some syndrome, the name of which I forget. The referral for Benjamin was somewhat disturbing. He is said to have mental delay. We were not prepared for that. We expect SOME after being in an orphanage his entire life but it was NOT documented that Sophie was delayed. They only told us her physical problems. Also Benjamin has had some surgery, we are not clear what sort of surgery or when or why. If our referral papers are able to be processed today we will hear at 4:00 and then we will have to run up there and get them(with Nicholai) and then tomorrow off to P town. If they are NOT issued today, then I am not sure if we will have to wait to go to P town or not. Yulia said that they were issued between 4 and 5. So I guess if not today we would have to wait until tomorrow between 4 and 5? Yulia is very nice and Nicholai picked up his daughter this afternoon after we dropped off the Brown family, his daughter was very funny and nice. We got to hold some of the Brown kids during our ride across town. They were all exhausted, but anyone who is wondering, the Brown’s are coming home the 11th! They adopted not one, not two, but THREE children with Down’s syndrome. I have NEVER met a baby I didn’t like but let me say that these three were PRETTY DARN CUTE! Chrysta and I got a little bit of a baby fix there.

This morning we went to the cafĂ© for breakfast so we could post on our blog with the internet there. THAT was interesting. The menu was all in Russian! The waitress didn’t speak English at all. But we managed to get our message across and we had good food. Chrysta wasn’t feeling so good so she didn’t eat too much but she has perked up as the day has come along. I have to tell a funny story about Chrysta. She fell asleep in Germany as we waited for our connecting flight. Poor thing was absolutely exhausted. She was so deeply asleep she was drooling on her bag that she was using as a pillow. Unfortunately I had to wake her and get in line for our flight. She was very disoriented and confused. She kept asking for Eric. Where is Eric? I said he is right there behind you. I believe he said something like Yeah Im right here. She looked and me and demanded WHERE IS ERIC!??? I was very concerned at that point. I said he is RIGHT HERE! She got frustrated with me and said “ you know, Eric? YOUR HUSBAND! Where is he?” I said lets just be calm we need to get on the plane and they wont let us on if you are not calm so we just walked over and got in line and she kept asking where is Eric. Then she forgot who she was looking for and couldn’t think of his name and was saying “not nels, but…..oh oh what is his name, I cant think of his name” I thought I was going to have to commit her! She seemed to come out of it after awhile and Eric thinks it was caused by the extreme exhaustion. She slept from germany to K. After we arrived in Sunny K she slept in the car on the way to the apartment. Then she slept until 4 or 5 when I insisted she go to her own bed and she stayed there until after 6 this morning. That’s a lotta tired!! I seem to be faring better with jet lag this time. I stayed awake most of the way from the airport and stayed awake until 7 or 8 and then slept most of the night but woke several times. Finally this morning(as usual) I was sleeping really good, but then we had to get up! Some of these posts may be disjointed as I have no direct internet access and am writing in word and copy and paste when I get a chance to get internet.

Tuesday eve
Because the kids paperwork was not finished in time we have to stay in Sunny K awhile longer. The plan is that it should be finished tomorrow but we are unable to receive it until 5 to 6 pm which means we have nothing to do tomorrow. And we wont be heading to P town until the next day.

We went for a long walk up the hill and down the other side and stopped for Pizza since we had nothing else to do. Eric wanted to go to the circus which is literally right next door to our apartment but they are not having any shows for a long time. I find the street signs here very funny. I took some pictures of some of them. We saw a picture of TRUE LOVE and I took a picture of that for sure! It was a young man and woman walking down the street holding hands while HE carried her gigantic purse for her. It was cute. Just before I realized her was holding her purse they had a kiss. I laughed and said wow! PDA AND he carries her purse, that really IS true love!

Tomorrow(weds sunnyK time) we will start walking and see where we end up. Hopefully it will be the zoo. We managed to figure out how to use the washer to wash clothes so we have clean clothes, unfortunately I havent figures out how to dry them so they are clean but SOAKING WET! Haha. If I have to I can hang them up.

Very anxious to get to P town and see the kids. But should be fun having an extra day to explore Sunny K!